UK Motors offer a full range of specialised automotive services that cater to Rolls Royce and Bentley vehicles. Our goal is to ensure your car is running and looking as its very best.

UK Motors takes pride in their work and always maintain a high standard of quality repairs of these fine motor vehicles. They're extremely passionate about these cars and have over 30 years of experience. Tony began his work at a young age, when he was offered a position as an apprentice with an independent Rolls Royce Repairer. It was through this position that Tony gained valuable training on a wide range of early to late model Bentley's and Rolls Royce's and performed many various tasks. After serving many years with the company, Tony then decided to continue his passion and started his own professional works on Rolls Royce and Bentley motor cars. Constantly being around these prestige cars for many years has allowed him to build strong relationships with his clients and the most rewarding element UK Motors is seeing the cars out on display and being driven out on special events where they can exhibit their beauty.


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